Parker's Page

Hi, my name is Parker

I am a Bichon Frise, even though I look like a white poodle.

I live with Ron Roy in a cool city called San Antonio. It is in Texas. There are a lot of parks to walk in, and a long river. When we walk along the river, we see turtles, ducks, and snakes! I bark at everything!

On weekends Ron and I go to a town called Port Aransas, where Ron owns a beach house. The beach is a great place to smell new things and meet other dogs. I like to run in the water and try to catch fish!

When Ron is working at his computer writing a new book, I take a nap. When Ron takes a nap, I like to bring my toys onto his bed.

Ron also has two goldfish. He has not named them yet. Would you like to help him choose names? Just go to CONTACT RON and send him an email.



Tips for Young Writers

"Writing should be fun. Try to enjoy the process. If you, as the writer, are having fun, your readers will, too."
-- RR

My Book Series

A to Z Mysteries Series
Capital Mysteries Series
Calendar Mysteries Series
A to Z Mysteries Super Editions