For Parents and Teachers

Dear Parents,

Most of this web site is for children, but this page is just for you! Now that I have completed the 26 A to Z, 14 Capital Mysteries, 13 Calendar Mysteries, and soon to be 7 Super Editions, I want to share some of my thoughts about these books. As a writer, my primary goal is to write engaging stories that will encourage kids to read.

But I had other goals as I set out to write these series. I wanted to show kids solving problems by talking them out, using brains and not brawn. My idea was to present main characters who are nice to each other. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are friends and classmates, so I set out to establish a friendly tone in each book.

As a writer for children, I feel that I have an obligation to my young readers and to their families. I believe strongly that one can write a fun, gripping story without resorting to violence. My books contain no weapons, no fighting, no swear words, no violence. Your many letters of thanks tell me that you agree with this approach.


Dear Teachers and Librarians,

During the years it has taken me to complete the 26 A to Z, 14 Capital Mysteries, 13 Calendar Mysteries, and soon to be 7 Super Editions, your letters and emails have been a constant source of encouragement. When I have visited your schools, you have prepared the children by making my books available. The artwork and stories I have seen decorating your buildings shows me — and shows the children therein — that you value reading and writing.

I am thrilled that my books have struck a note with so many children across this country and others. Children have written and performed plays using my characters. I have watched puppet shows with Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose made out of old socks. In one school I visited, the entire school had been transformed into Green Lawn. All the teachers and kids were dressed as characters from my books. When children see adults placing value on books and writing, these children will want to read and write more. These same kids will grow into adults who value reading, and the cycle continues.

Over the years I have met hundreds of you and thousands of your young charges, face to face. I have been honored to spend time in your rooms talking about my work. It is a dream come true to meet the readers who are buying, borrowing, and reading my books. For all you have done to support me, thank you. For all you have done to help young readers to become better readers, THANK YOU!


I am the father of two children. As a nightly ritual, my kids and I usually read from 15 to 30 minutes, and for the past year our choice has been A to Z Mysteries. As a parent, I want to thank you for writing good, clean, non-violent, moral books that my kids can enjoy. We are looking forward to your next book.

Anthony in Georgia

Tips for Young Writers

"It is always a good idea to write about something you know or love."
-- RR

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