A to Z Mysteries Super Editions

Ron Roy

Super Editions

These new books are about 50 pages longer than the original A to Z Mysteries titles. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are a year older. But the main difference between these "super editions" and the 26 A to Z Mysteries is where the stories are set. In each "super edition," the kids go out of town to some exciting, different place. And in each place, they become involved in a new mystery.

In each "super edition" a secret message has been cleverly hidden in the artwork. I hope you enjoy all the "super editions"!

The Books

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The A to Z Mysteries Series features three sly sleuths: Dink Duncan, Josh Pinto, and Ruth Rose Hathaway. Have fun getting to know them, and their dog, Pal!

Josh is in the third grade, like his best friend Dink. He is tall, skinny, and has red hair and freckles. Josh also has two four-year old twin brothers, Brian and Bradley. In the barn behind his house, Josh keeps Polly, a white pony. He also has Pal, an affectionate and curious basset hound. Josh likes to draw birds, tease his friends, and eat!
Dink is a third grader, like his best friend Josh. His full name is Donald David Duncan, but his nickname has always been Dink. His only pet is a Guinea pig named Loretta. Dink reads a lot, and likes to think about everything before he does anything!
Josh and Dink have another best friend. Her name is Ruth Rose Hathaway. Ruth Rose lives next door to Dink, in Green Lawn, Connecticut. She has black curly hair and snappy blue eyes. The boys tease Ruth Rose because she always dresses in one color. Ruth Rose is very smart, and she's usually the one who finds most of the clues when the 3 of them solve mysteries.


Pal is Josh's bassett hound. Pal lived with some crooks who were making fake money. When the crooks went to jail, Pal came to live with Josh's family. Pal gets to play with Brian and Bradley, Josh's twin brothers. He also plays with Polly, a white pony who lives in Josh's barn. Whenever Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose are on a case, Pal helps them sniff out clues. Pal loves his new home!

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