• A to Z Animal Mysteries Series
    A NEW series featuring young clue hunters, Abbi, Daniel and Lydia!
    Featuring 4 NEW books!
  • A to Z Mysteries Series
    A mystery series with Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose
    Features 26 books, one for each letter of the alphabet!
  • CAPITAL Mysteries Series
    Washington DC adventures with K.C. Corcoran and her pal, Marshall Li
    Features 14 books
  • CALENDAR Mysteries Series
    Featuring adventures from Lucy, Brian, Bradley, and Nate
    Written especially for first and second graders
  • A to Z Mysteries: Super Editions
    An expanded mystery series with Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose
    A year older and in exciting new locations!

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Here you can browse and learn about me, my books, my dogs Pal and Parker, and many other things.

Ron Roy - Children's Book Author

NEW – A to Z Animal Mysteries

Solve Animal Mysteries from A to Z! Young clue hunters Abbi, Daniel, and Lydia sniff out the mysteries abound in this adventure series. Inspired by Ron Roy’s A to Z Mysteries series, this bright and modern animal adventure story is perfect for budding young chapter book readers and future detectives!

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My Book Series

Ron Roy - Children's Book Author
A to Z Mysteries

After I wrote The Absent Author, I knew I wanted to write more about Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose. I looked at those two A's in the title and thought, why not two B's, then two C's? So I began working on the Bald Bandit and the Canary Caper. And that's how A to Z Mysteries were born!

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Ron Roy - Children's Book Author
Capital Mysteries Series

I spent eight years writing the books in my A TO Z MYSTERIES series. Now that the series is finished, I am writing a new series called CAPITAL MYSTERIES. I call it that because all the stories take place in Washington, DC. In these books, you will meet K.C. Corcoran and her pal, Marshall Li.

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Ron Roy - Children's Book Author
Calendar Mysteries Series

If you like A TO Z MYSTERIES, you will love CALENDAR MYSTERIES, my new series. The main characters are Dink's young cousin, Lucy, and Josh's younger brothers, Brian & Bradley, and Ruth Rose's younger brother, Nate.

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Ron Roy - Children's Book Author
A to Z Mysteries: Super Editions

These new books are about 50 pages longer than the original A to Z Mysteries titles. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are a year older. But the main difference between these "super editions" and the 26 A to Z Mysteries is where the stories are set.

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Now Available

Ron Roy - Children's Book Author

Grand Canyon Grab - A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #11

When Dink, Josh, and Ruth join Dink's Uncle Warren on a trip out West, trouble begins. The kids' favorite TV hero, Roger Good, gets kidnapped right before their eyes! Deep at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, something sinister sleeps beneath the floor of their hundred-year-old cabin. It takes three great kid brains to get to the bottom of this one!

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What's New from Ron Roy

Ron Roy - Children's Book Author

Space Shuttle Scam - A to Z Mysteries Super Edition #12

Something is rotten in Christmas, Florida! Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose join their friend Wallis Wallace and her brother Walker in Christmas to visit the Wallaces’ Aunt Alice at her space museum. But as soon as they arrive, danger jumps out at them. A mountain lion is stalking the space museum. A snake falls asleep on Dink’s shoes. Something lies under the algae in Alice’s pond. This mystery is slippery and slimy but the kids jump right in to solve it!

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About Ron Roy

Ron Roy - Children's Book Author

I was born in Hartford, Connecticut. My parents named me Wallace Ronald Roy, but I shortened the name to Ron Roy.

I was a shy kid, and spent much of my time studying nature and reading. I loved school and used to win all the spelling bees.

My favorite teacher was Mr. Ben Hancock. He taught me to love books and showed me how to hit a baseball and catch a fish. Because of Mr. Hancock's influence, I decided to become a teacher myself some day.

After college and graduate school, I became a fourth grade teacher. But somewhere along the way I started writing children's stories and sending them to publishing companies. No one wanted to buy my stories, but I didn't give up. Each week I would write a story and send it out. Each week the story came back with "No, thank you." written on the manuscript.

Then in 1978, I sold my first children's book. That was one of the most exciting days of my life. Soon I left teaching and became a full time writer.

In 1997 I started writing the A to Z Mysteries series. Now I am working on Capital Mysteries. Millions of children are reading these books, which makes me very happy. But I still remember the day I sold my first book.

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